Well, well, well!

So, I’m back.



Most of you know that this isn’t my first time entering the blogging arena. At 17, I started my blog “Just Roll With It”. I didn’t have any idea where I’d go with it, but I built a pretty decent following. After six years of having my own space on the inter web, I made the swift decision to delete it (more on that below). I contemplated coming back but the timing was always off for me. I knew that if I came back, I would have to do a slight rebrand. Starting with the site title.

Girl On The Move isn’t just a nod to my ability to speed on my scooter anywhere, at any time, it’s a name that represents where I’m at in life at 23: always moving, never and ever evolving. While it is a slight ode to the amount of times I have moved residences in the past few years, it also represents my ability to keep moving forward despite setbacks and obstacles.

For those of you who follow me on my many adventures on social media, you know how many twists and turns my life has taken in the last two years. For those of you who are just seeing my blogging for the very first time, and to those who are hopping back on the wagon with me,  here’s the Cliff Notes version of my life since you’ve last heard from me.

The last you heard from me I got rejected from Stanford University (and three other schools), I decided on UC Davis because I wanted to go up to Northern California. Sooo…


  • Left Southern California (super excited at this point).
  • Got to Davis, California and FREEEEEAAAKED OUT.
  • Faced severe adversity/ableism (more on that later)
  • Had a four-month mental/physical breakdown (NOT excited at this point)
  • Withdrew from UC Davis because my mind/body/soul had had enough distress.
  • Took time off to deal with aftereffects of said mental/physical breakdown.
  • Applied to California Lutheran University (totally amazing decision)


And now, we are here. Summer 2017. I’m FINALLY a senior, y’all. I’m doing speeches, writing articles, hanging out with and making new friends, living the college student life. As great as all this is, one of the things I have had to deal with is severe social anxiety and, at certain points, managing bouts of depression. Due to these factors, my blogging passion has suffered greatly and instead of partaking in a short hiatus two years ago, I abandoned this little part of me, and deleted any trace of it from my little corner of the internet.


But I’m ready now. In an effort to document the good, the bad, the highs, the lows, I reopened my laptop (and my heart and mind) so that I could share the best and the worst with you. One of my favorite things about this blog, from the time I was 17, was that I could open up and share my life with all of you, in hopes that by doing so, I would encourage, educate or inspire at least one of of you. Whether it’s discussing my Cerebral Palsy and the struggles that accompany it, showing the world where I plan to travel to next, or showcasing what college life is like for me, I hope y’all get something out of what I write.

I want to tell y’all that this blog will not be centered around my Cerebral Palsy, or at least I’ll do my best not to make it so. The truth is, when I decided to reignite my passion for writing a blog, I considered writing it with the topic of my disability at the forefront. But somehow, for me, that didn’t seem authentic. Easier, sure. I have the experience, so why not? However, I also know that I prefer to cover a myriad of topics based on how I feel that week. Expect personal posts, but not a diary in every post, either. Expect lists and gifs and photos, and all-around fun. But also expect some of my posts to touch on current events or serious questions that pop into my head.

You’ll definitely get a ‘lil bit of everything. And I hope you guys keep moving right along with me.

XOXO and welcome back,


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