25 Is A Lonely Number

25 Is A Lonely Number

For my first blog post to kick off my return to the internet world, I want to talk about something I think all of you can relate to: adulthood. When I was 16, I thought that life would be so much better in my twenties. At the time, I thought about how much easier adulthood [...]

5 Things I’ve Learned About/ In Therapy

A while after I came back from UC Davis, I thought that I had weathered one of the worst storms of my life and that I successfully came out the other side unscathed. I was wrong. I have a tendency to pretend my emotions don't exist in order to move forward. The problem is, I [...]

State Of The Union

And by union, I mean me. Hi. Should I say "welcome back!" to myself, or...? Anyway, for a very significant amount of time, I abandoned this little part of me. Here's what I've been up to since: I started this blogging thing at 17 after my high school friend, Ashley, told me that I should [...]